Thursday, December 23, 2010

Echoo pulse: the development of new energy vehicles is imminent

New energy vehicles "fatal point" in the battery. Currently, the core power battery market is still low, and the fundamental reason is that production costs are high, an electric car battery pack used to account for the cost of the vehicle cost 1 / 2. This is why electric vehicles all over the world can not form one of the root causes of climate.
Development of a cost-effective battery electric vehicles to meet industry performance and cost needs, which become a hope. Battery costs have become the new energy vehicle development, the biggest bottleneck, so the short term it is not so large-scale commercial reality. 500 000 size electric vehicles, in accordance with the motive power batteries, motors, power electronics, and other key components of cost, its annual output is expected to reach 1,000 billion yuan.
What kind of measures taken to solve the immediate need? That man is great because you can split many times, after the collection of a variety of information to form a new mode of thinking. The cost of engaging in new energy automotive batteries, charging equipment investment and other factors, the battery lease be a good choice.
Currently, in addition to Nissan have this program in their domestic, domestic transposition only Ankai a marketing strategy to take, this one of the earliest development of new energy vehicles, business, leasing the battery the first to launch in the domestic marketing strategy.
In Kai's plan, pure battery electric vehicles will be leased to consumers lease basis. This can significantly reduce the cost of customers to buy a car, so that pure electric cars (not including battery pack) price will be comparable to conventional powered cars.

Chery A3: cost-effective superiority will bring more rising space

As the main force driving the family, the compact car gradually consumers. Faced with such a great potential market, a joint venture license has already "pre-emptive." Look at cars on the street bar, karaoke, Civic, Vios, Ma 3, the great progenitor of the models see everywhere. With the performance, appearance, price, brand firmly capture the joint venture's consumer psychology.
As technology continues to mature, independent brand car cars began to enter the market take care to try to gain a place in the joint venture amongst the strongest teams. Points out, is the Chery A3. Adjust the strategy as a pioneer in Chery car, the Chery A3 in the city a month to produce a 2262 answer. From performance to the home, to the appearance of the body from Chery, people see the change of independent products. With the modeling, control, process and comprehensive performance and other advantages, Chery A3 won the "2008 Car of the Year Award own brand." ~ 95,300 yuan 81,800 yuan price, in the out of imitation, "the shadow of the future, Chery began to challenge the joint venture brands A3.
    Currently, at the same level car market, Toyota Corolla overwhelming lead, and Chery A3 Corolla has become the benchmark in the compact car market. Corolla exterior lines are smooth, largely "inherited" the Camry's design. A tilt column is designed to provide increased style beautiful and practical. Symmetrical proportions and simple lines, let it show a little more mid-size car temperament. Chery A3 appearance from the famous Italian car design company - Pininfarina design, A3 harmony around the body shape, smooth lines. Chery A3 design of the rear door handle in the rear window, back door not only more concise, making the car look compact, sports, and in the use of innovative enough. Chery A3 in the European style to the shape out of a single copy, began to move closer to international standards.

Echoo automobile: breakthrough new energy markets regional barriers

Geographical barriers seemingly insurmountable barriers, relying on product quality, industrial-scale prices fell after the protection will evaporate.
The new forces of change "hidden" in the normal, some restless "Breakout who" will likely change the market rules.
When the new energy vehicles in the past two years become a popular phrase, this stock sought after by all business boom seems to cover a small detail, a lot of new energy products or business has been in a "pilot state", over the invisible settings in order to protect local enterprises the geographical barriers, to enter into another city is particularly difficult.
Now, the new energy market seems to be "flourishing" in the near future to gain market acceptance, resulting in profits, the current is particularly important thing to do, make the product a brand, break the market barriers.
September 5, 2009, Ankai bus carrying 15 pure electric power Dalian "green Davos" forum, and became the biggest highlight of car forum. This is breaking down barriers, it seems appears to be a good move.

Alpha?romeo -- Italian Shakespeare elves

The glorious tradition of the city of Milan, the king's crown, the legendary dragon snake, Alfa Romeo ? used a century interpretation of the automobile, designers, history of the car and engine, gradually moved from a symbol of wealth and status for the Italian design precipitation typical style.
In the distant southern Europe, Italy is like a boundless expanse of blue stretching Boots Mediterranean slope, Alfa Romeo, like the Roman Coliseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, is the only boots adorned with decorative buckle, retro yet shiny .
The pride of Italy, this can be compared to high-performance sports car and the BMW brand, the original story is from France. June 24, 1910, some visionary entrepreneurs to take over from the French parent company in Italy darracq car, that day became the Alpha ? \ u32599X secret the birth of Europe, the company headquarters in Milan later. Enka, founder of the famous figure with a combination of the two combination of the traditional identity of Milan became the new company logo: the left side of the Red Cross to commemorate the ancient Eastern Campaign of the crusaders on the right is a portrait of the Saracens is swallowed snakes, it is Wisconsin.

Global is popular with miniaturization consumption

North American market is now beginning to develop small cars, small cars consumer spending is becoming the world's culture.After the financial turmoil in the past year after the attacks of the North American market is trying to make some changes, like the large displacement, luxury cars that people are shifting their points of interest, preferences tend to choose smaller.
A change in habits of years, how many will be strikingly. The financial crisis sent a gift? Can not jump to conclusions now, but it certainly is a small car consumer culture is becoming the development trend of the future.
Last year things were not going, the U.S. 16 million in sales suddenly dropped to 800 million units, a butterfly's wings gently incitement, for close to Canada, 56% of the cars had to be exported, and most go the United States, sales there is also a significant decline.
But Gerald happy is that the North American market is undergoing a major change - the buyer some applications, that is, the car as a means of transport, and they want smaller cars, so they are buying smaller cars. Image and concept of the pursuit of buyers to buy luxury cars is reducing the passion, the other share of sports car buyers even less.
Action is obvious. Shortly after the crisis, the U.S. company General Motors announced the closure of four North American pickup and SUV factories and plans to launch a new low-emission vehicles. This small displacement is a new Chevrolet car will be launched in 2010 by 1 to 1.4 liters 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine.

Chery b-segment car market choice

Own brand to the people the impression - products are concentrated in the A-and A0-class below. However, beginning in 2008, the joint venture also began to sink into this range, to their own brands have had a great impact.
With increasing competition, rapid breakthrough products and Chery brand to be the "ceiling", after a year of discussion, decided to launch Chery Rui Qi, Wei Lin, and open the three Swiss brands. Chery's strategy is to enter into the higher market segments, and actively explore other automotive market. Waiting for more than a year,
"Chery 6 years sharpening swords to create Ruiqi G5, this is definitely a good car stood pondering." Assistant general manager of Chery Automobile Co. Jin Yibo said in October last year, Jin Yibo as a witness, He saw the challenge of the Nürburgring north loop G5 successful track blockbuster, praise apart, people have become more proud of him. High-end mean?
At the press conference before the spot price will undoubtedly become the biggest suspense. Chery sources said, G5 meaning of the images for Chery to build more than sales. For any one of the car, priced for the key, it would appear, G5's price must not be too low, otherwise we lose the strategic significance.

Hansen electronic car report: the game change person to automobile industry

Hansen e-car report writing time, I often discuss with experts from around the world some time in a long trend of automotive electronic products and technologies. I spent a long time to think about the future - whether new technology could one day become a game changer, or whether a post established by the industry standard argument can really reduce costs.
In fact, the focus of Hansen report once a year demonstration and evaluation of new technologies, and ultimately have been widely used in the car.
Fuel economy, safety, and compatibility has become in recent years the development of automotive electronic products feature the main factors. Of course, in how to quickly enhance vehicle safety and fuel economy, the Government's directive also played an important role.
Connected with the portable device market demand increases, more cars are equipped with auxiliary jack, ipods docking system, smart phones, navigation systems and other portable devices. And from the vehicle and the safety of the Internet link is no longer distant. Consumers want to find the light in 2010, saving the small car, but do not abandon the comfort and security which they are accustomed to the advantages of large vehicles. Today, many high-end market, previously only seen in the features and functionality, slowly lower to the market penetration.